Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Timber lining boards in the Front Loft are looking Good ,,, But time to move onto some Upper Wall insulation and ember entry closures ( Bush Fire)

I have been doing the insulation on the High vertical walls as well as Filling and covering any ember entry points under the Iron Roofing ,,,,,, also trying to stop the spiders from living inside and making webs and a mess ,,,,,
Still got time for a coffee break and a photo opportunity for a visiting King Parrot ,,, Such a beautiful Bird
Finally have done the Vertical High walls ,,,,, Lots more work to GO folks .
But can take a walk to the Beach and marvel at the clouds and water making their own magic ,,,,,
Or after a Hard day Just relax and have a bit of a Snooze on the Lounge .

Or better still just hang out with Friends ,,,,,,,,,,,,, And take a look at me ,,, Thinking ,,, " When the Bloody hell is he going to finish that Insulation and take us for another Walk to the Beach .

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