Monday, February 9, 2009

Sunday, February 8, 2009

When you have friends down to stay ,,,

Taking a Drive down the north south Nature Reserve Road ( Coal Wharf Rd ) is a must ,,, But at the Moment is is a string of Ponds ,,, Attracting every 4 wheel drive hoone for miles around ,,,, It just makes the ponds bigger ,,,,

THINGS YOU SEE ON A WALK TO THE BEACH ,, Jed is Almost totally Blind & Polly has no brain 2 speak of ,,, So it is The Dumb leading the Blind

The Beach is a 500 meter walk through the Nature Reserve and I always try to get in an early morning walk ,,, I always have my camera on my belt for any photo opertunity .

Particularly when you see a little fella punching above his weight .. any thing is possible ...
The Dogs love the beach ,,, 

A lot of red bellied Black snakes around this season ,,,,,, Just have to stop Polly from Picking them up as if it was a Stick . 

THE BLOODY BEES WERE BACK ,,,,,, I had been warned by Bren before I went to Canada ,,,,, So now 6 weeks later I feared The WORST

When I drove down I was expecting the worst after being away from the place for so long ,, It would be nice to get on with the Building work without having to engage in BEE WARS 2 .

When I got there it didnt look to bad ,,, Not as Big as last time

The Hive patterns were very interesting ,,,,,, there was NO honey in the Hive yet ,,, The local Flowers were not blooming yet , So they were making artistic shapes on the window Glass .
 So I started as before ,,, Put the Room heater on high and close to the LAMINATED glass to heat up the wax , BEE WAR 2 Had started .

It all appeared to be a small job to get rid of the bees this time ,,,,, But THEN I LOOKED UNDER THE SLIDING BARN DOORS ,,, AAAAHHHH a Giant HIVE

This one was nearly a meter long and 250 mm deep ,,, It was Big ,,,,,,,, The Job suddenly became a Big Deal .

I had to Burn the OLD Bees Nest out ,,, It was their Base

There was an Old Nest Right next to the Barn ,,, It was not a Great place for a Nest and it was usually deserted ,, But when I got rid of them last time they went straight back to it ,,, SO I had to Burn it out ,,, I did it during the Night 

A Bad Moment ,,,,,,,,, The Window had slid down during the Night

I woke up early and I could hear the bee sounds much louder than before ,,,, Then I looked across to the back loft and to my horror I could see that the Window had slid down about a Foot and a Fair amount of bees had gotten in ,,, I grabbed some incent sticks ,,, lit them ,,, and using the smoke as protection ( I was stupidly still in my undies ) ,,,, I went over and Pushed the window up ever so slowly ,,,,,, What a bloody relief when that was locked again ,,,, After awhile I unbolted the rest of the nuts and pushed the Shutter off and down went most of the nest with it .,,,,,, From then on it was just a case of insect spray with soapy water and the Room heater to make the wax melt ,,,,, They moved on  .....After I cleaned off all the bees wax I sprayed a surface insect spray all over the shutters and window .

With the success of the top nest I decided to TAKE A LONG ROPE

I ties the rope and pulled very hard to move the door very quickly to dislodge the large nest ,,, It worked a Treat ,,, Lots of nest falling and LOTS OF ANGRY BEES ,,

TAKE a LONG ROPE Had worked a Treat ,,, To well ,,, It punched out the end stop & one set of rollers came out leaving the second set hanging

Now that the Bees  were mostly gone I was lucky to get the right hand roller back in and it took me some while and a few dozen trips up the ladder to get the left roller back on track ,,, Just when I thought it was hopeless The Island FARIES made it happen .

THIS is just a Little reminder to me of How hard it was to get those BLOODY Roller Doors up there 2 years ago .

I did it by myself with ropes and pully ,,  the whole bloody lot in one piece ,,, Because it couldnt go up in any other way ,,, As I was using the centre pole of the barn  hoist ,,, So the lift had to be in the Middle ,,,,,,, So if the left one came off now ,,, I would have to get a crane or some other thing to put it back 

With the help of a long rope looped over an interior beam i pulled the shutter up

THE BEE WARS 2 are over ,,,,,, Just put it all back where it was and Spray with Insect spray .

So with a Length of Rope and a bit of a Fiddle out the Window I managed to get the Shutter back on again ,,,,,,,,,,,,, The Big Sliding Barn Doors were a little harder but finally I had done the job and the bee Wars were over ,,, Now back to Building the barn again .