Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rain Dogs and Snakes

The only thing with heavy rain is that animals usually want a bit of dry space to relax in and they may end up under or in your house or barn . ,,,,,
I was looking for some things in the cellar and passed by this SNAKE several times before it struck out at me , I always have a camera with me ,,, So a photo opportunity .
The shot where it struck tooooo close to the camera was out of focus and gave me a bit of a start ,,,,,,,,, There was considerable ground water next to to the Lodge and Polly ( monique's dog ) really wanted to swim there .

Rain Rain Rain ,,, Beautiful Rain In February we had heaps and heaps of Rain ,,, The water Tanks are full and I put in a rain bird bath filler .

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Comerong Beach

The Ferry has been out of the water for three weeks ...

When the ferry is closed you feel Stranded like a shell on the beach
Or a grasshopper on the end of a finger <<<<<<<<<

Monday, January 7, 2008

Wind Art 2

A little more Wind Art ,,, The shot at the top is part of a joke for my liitle girl ... What is the Fork for Daddy ? ,,, Why it is for lunch and the Sand which is there ... Good 8 year old humour , or is that streeeeetchng it a bit ,,, Ok good 6 year old humour then .

The Birds will love these

And boy did the Birds love them ,,, They were all gone in a flash ,,, Well almost all .


Here it is Mid Summer and I am still thinking of Spring and how it makes "Birdhaven" such a wonderful place if you take the time to look at small things around you ... Here are a few such things .

Thursday, January 3, 2008


I have just got back from a week at Birdhaven and the weather was Hot and Dry with the grass growing at a mile a minute and plenty of insects and of course plenty of Birds to feed on them .... the insects were feeding on me some of the time ... Its nice to make someone happy . I will be making a bigger post later with a lot more photos but until then here are a couple to keep everyone interested ,,, assuming any one is interested .