Saturday, May 1, 2010

Jordy has come down to Help me with some work ,,,,, She sets in to Move The Roadbase by Wheel barrow ,,, Tough job .

The Black Snake Cycopath starts at the Front of the Lodge and Goes out through the property skirting the Mangrove forrest , along Duck creek and Back through the She Oaks and finishes at the Lodge ,,, It is only 600 + meters at the Moment but I have Plans to add more and make it around One Kilometer .
It Starts here at the Front of the Lodge ,,,,,,,,,, No snakes here ,,, When not many anyway ,,,, Just one near the BarB and another near the front gate ,,,, he he he . That will keep the Kiwi's away .This is the one on the left of the Front Driveway ... Sunning himself ,,,,, Got a home in the Pile of Mulch left over from the Tree Pruning a year ago . Best leave him alone

Jedda Tries out a Newly Roadbased part of the Path ,,,,,,,, Thanks Jordie .This is Tinas Corner , Where the Path turns north to avoid going through the Mangrove ,,, Which has some water over it during High Tide ,,,,,,,,,,, Jordie did some Great Barow work here ,,, As it is about 300 meters from the Road base Pile ,,,,,,,,,

Unfortunately the path come up against a Bee Hive in a Tree after this corner ,,,,, They have to be moved on SOON ,,,,,,, The alternate path through the swamp can be wet ,,,

Jord Relaxing with Friends after a hard days work ,,,,,,, All of the Friends are thinking ,,,, When the Bloody hell is she going to stop it with the Barrow and take us for a Walk to the Beach .

The Timber lining boards in the Front Loft are looking Good ,,, But time to move onto some Upper Wall insulation and ember entry closures ( Bush Fire)

I have been doing the insulation on the High vertical walls as well as Filling and covering any ember entry points under the Iron Roofing ,,,,,, also trying to stop the spiders from living inside and making webs and a mess ,,,,,
Still got time for a coffee break and a photo opportunity for a visiting King Parrot ,,, Such a beautiful Bird
Finally have done the Vertical High walls ,,,,, Lots more work to GO folks .
But can take a walk to the Beach and marvel at the clouds and water making their own magic ,,,,,
Or after a Hard day Just relax and have a bit of a Snooze on the Lounge .

Or better still just hang out with Friends ,,,,,,,,,,,,, And take a look at me ,,, Thinking ,,, " When the Bloody hell is he going to finish that Insulation and take us for another Walk to the Beach .

It a Beautiful time of the year ,,, an Indian Summer

I think Polly now Knows Jedda is Blind and cant find the ball .

Polly would like to be able to Ride the Bikes as well ,,, instead of being left behind .

Until I get a Nikon and some Long Lenses I will have to resort to going to the Nowra Nature Park to get shots like this ,,, Come on Nikon ,,, get an answer to the Cannon 5D soon .

The Beach is Looking Beautiful .

Take the Next Left turn after the Helicopter on a stick in Nowra